Corrin Penerian

Hello! And welcome to Swim Safe Now. My name is Corrin Penerian and I am a Certified Survival Swim Instructor who has been involved with this wonderful program either as a customer or instructor for nearly twenty years now. Growing up in Florida made me realize that there are a number of unique challenges children have to navigate here. Water hazards are by far one of the most common. Florida has more than 3,000 lakes covering approximately 3 million acres of the state, and an estimated 1.1 million swimming pools. With that in mind, a mother of two, and a strong desire to educate children I began my journey to become a certified instructor. 

I teach swim lessons at my home in Merritt Island, FL. I am also willing to accommodate clients that feel more comfortable learning in their own home, however there will be additional requirements that need to be met for this service. To show gratitude to our community’s local heroes I offer discounts to those who bravely serve in the U.S. military, Teachers and Emergency Medical Services personnel.

Swim lessons are conducted 4 days a week Mon – Thursday from and are approximately 10-15 minutes each.  

Please complete our Contact Form and I will be happy to get back with you as soon as possible with lesson information and availability along with instructions to complete your child’s registration.