Welcome to Swim Safe Now®, LLC, Brevard County’s premier provider of Infant and Survival Swim Lessons and Beyond! Swim Safe Now® is proud to have the most talented and experienced Infant and Survival Swim Instructors in Brevard on our team. With decades of combined experience, we have taught independent swimming, floating, and aquatic survival skills to thousands of infants and children. over the past 15+ years.

Swim Safe Now® offers the safest and most comprehensive swimming and drowning prevention program on the Space Coast. Going beyond “traditional” and other Survival Swim Lessons, Swim Safe Now® Instructors not only teach children how to SWIM AND FLOAT INDEPENDENTLY, we also make sure our students are equipped with extensive aquatic problem solving skills to keep them safer in and around the water and make sure they know how to use those skills to SAFELY ENJOY THE WATER! Age-appropriate recreational skills such as diving for toys, jumping in the pool and swimming back to the side, safely using pool floats and toys, shallow water diving, etc, are incorporated into lessons as skills develop. For children age 4 and up, basic strokes are also introduced.

Swim Safe Now® Lessons are completely customized to the unique physical, emotional and developmental needs of each child. While all of our students will learn the same set of swimming and survival skills initially, our highly trained Instructors will customize each lesson for each of our students in order to provide the highest quality lesson experience possible!


We are lucky to live in paradise with beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers and most of our homes or communities have a pool.  However, all of these amenities put our children at tremendous risk if they are not properly skilled.

Drowning remains the #1 accidental cause of death in children age 4 and under.  Our mission is to reduce the number of pediatric drownings through education and awareness.  Swim Safe Now educates the infant or child how to effectively engage in the aquatic environment for self-reliance, teaching essential skills in the event supervision breaks down, a barrier does not exist, or the toddler finds a way to get in, over or through the barrier.  These skills are the final Layer of Protection that a child takes with them everywhere they go.

As skills are mastered, students are given the opportunity to learn how to use their skills appropriately in a variety of scenarios, first in regular swim attire, and eventually even while fully clothed.

Once the basic safety skills are mastered, students are then progressed to more advanced swimming skills based on the child’s unique physical, emotional and developmental capabilities.

Through our one-on-one, individualized lesson program, children learn in a matter of weeks, the survival skills that are not offered in a traditional swim program and the continuing skill development and recreational skills not offered in other survival swim programs.

Once children are confident with their skills, parents are taught how to continue to practice correctly at home to ensure that their child’s skills continue to grow and develop.  Parents and caregivers are also educated on the importance of utilizing Layers of Protection, including locks and alarms on doors and windows leading outdoors, pool fencing, swim lessons that include aquatic survival skills, learning CPR, etc. No matter how skilled, no one is ever drown-proof and layers of protection are key to keeping our children safe!

Empower your child with the gift of Aquatic Independence, providing them with a solid foundation for a lifetime of safety and fun in the water!

Please browse the website and complete the Contact Form for further information and to schedule lessons. We look forward to working with you and your family soon!

Swim Safe Now® offers Specialized Survival Swim Lessons serving Merritt Island, Rockledge, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Port St. John, Titusville, Palm Bay and surrounding areas.

Always remember there is no substitute for adult supervision. Swim Safe Now® strongly encourages a multi-layered approach towards water safety in your home and stresses that not even the strongest swimmer is drownproof.