Reusable Swim Diapers

*A reusable swim diaper is required for ALL students under 4 years old. 


Hooded Towels

Great for keeping arms free and prevent tripping. Here are some student favorites:

Swim Bags

Parent’s favorite waterproof bag to hold ALL the things!

Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets

For boating and swimming in open water. Always test for fit and functionality. Your Instructor can test your child’s life jacket during clothing practice days.

Pool Fence, Locks & Alarms

No single layer of protection is infallible. A multi-layered approach to water safety is always recommended. 

Bathtime Water Acclimation

Splash it up! Splashing is a great tool for water acclimation. 

Water Play

Fun water toys that will help with water acclimation

Pool Floats

These floats will not hold your child in a vertical “drowning” posture that interferes with proper horizontal swimming and floating. We recommend practicing falling/jumping off floats and demonstrating swimming and floating skills prior to each use. Always use under direct supervision. Make sure there are not so many floats in the pool that make it hard to see around and underneath. 

Sinking Pool Toys

Perfect for encouraging underwater swimming. Always remove toys from the pool when swim time is over.

Snorkel Set & Goggles

For Advanced Classes

Parenting Books

Positive Reinforcement techniques for parenting, teaching and daily life

Pool Vacuum

Our favorite pool cleaner – independent vacuum, doesn’t connect to suction line, easy to use and remove when not in use.

Our Favorite Underwater Camera